General Description

MeMilk YOGUR PROTEÍNAS is a fermented-then-pasteurized YOGURT with EXTRA MILK PROTEIN.

It is a creamy product enriched with milk protein that helps strengthening bones, muscles, and teeth of the consumer.

Its packaging format is a Doy Pack 85 gr pouch with a suction nozzle supplier for its consumption directly form the package.

This product is made to be storage at room temperature with an 18-month shelf-life after the date of packaging, so it can be consumed safely by anyone, anywhere at any time.

Since it is elaborated with MidHeating® technology, owned by FUTUREMEAL, this product can be perfectly preserved WITHOUT PRESERVATIVES.

MidHeating® technology makes it possible to obtain a final product that is a good SOURCE OF PROTEIN due to a careful processing with nutritional and organoleptic values of the milk.  That is why MeMilk YOGUR PROTEINAS is a product that has a natural fresh, pleasant, savoury flavour, and why it is the most highly rated SOURCE OF PROTEIN product on the market among consumers. This is because it is the very first SOURCE OF PROTEIN product that TASTES GOOD.

Additional Information

Proteins are the principal cell constituents. Their most important function is the formation and repair of body structures. Proteins are built from amino acid chains. Eight such amino acids, known as the eight essential amino acids, cannot be made in sufficient amounts in the body, and must therefore be supplied in the diet.

Dairy products can contribute to meeting the amino acid needs for the human body as they contain protein with all essential amino acids. Milk proteins are high quality proteins due to their better digestibility of the food as they are high biological level proteins.

Milk protein is composed of 80% casein, 19% serum proteins and 1% enzymes. This mixture results in substantial benefits obtainable through its intake.

Milk protein helps to increase muscle mass and to maintain healthy and strong bones. Furthermore, growing children need an additional energy supply to grow up healthy. Meanwhile, consuming extra milk protein allows a healthy ageing.

The protein used to supplement MeMilk YOGUR PROTEINA is MILK PROTEIN ISOLATE, the purest existing. Its content is 90% relative purity. This protein is low-fat and low-cholesterol and contains a vast array of amino acids; it is considered as the most complete type of protein, ideal for prevent skeletal fragility and muscle weakness.

Flavors to enjoy


Ingredients: Yogurt: 88% (partial-skimmed milk 3% fat and lactic cultures (milk): Streptococcus thermophilus and Lacrobacillus delbrueckii ssp. bulgaricus), sugar (4%), isolate milk protein, modified corn starch, stabiliser (pectin), acidifier (lactic acid), sweeteners (sucralose, acesulfame K) and flavouring.