FUTUREMEAL is a company created in 2013 by people with extensive experience in the dairy sector in Spain and in international markets.

This experience, along with the implied excitement in the creation of a new project, has allowed us to reach major milestones, which justify the international success of the company.


FUTUREMEAL is the only Spanish Company which owns an invention patent for the elaboration of long-lasting dairy products which can be preserved in the normal environment. The process MidHeating® allows to develop products through a procedure that enables to apply a thermal treatment with lower temperatures than the standard procedures. The milk is not damaged with the heat and maintains its freshness, creaminess and all the nutritional and organoleptic values only found in the best milk.

Futuremeal´s own recipes

All the formulas belong to FUTUREMEAL. By the use of the best ingredients, from the Galician milk, notarized as the highest quality, to the flavour of the natural fruits, the department of I+D (Research and Development) create unique recipes which are adapted to the patented production process and are implemented in the factories.

The widest range – MEMILK Brand

Our Brand MEMILK, property of FUTUREMEAL, provides clients and customers with the final guarantee of being a renowned company, made in Spain with national ingredients, with experience in the dairy sector and which offers nutritional solutions to consumers all over the world.

Our products are packaged in different types of packaging (Tetra Slim, PET, yogurt cup, flexible containers…), so in this way there is always a suitable product for any given time, for a nutritional objective and for a particular customer.

Me Milk

International expansion

FUTUREMEAL is present in more than 20 countries all over the Globe. The company leads the dairy market with products packed in flexible containers in China and has established a delegation in the Republic of Guinea to be able to offer the best service in countries such as Guinea, Sierra Leone, Mali, Guinea-Bissau or Ivory Coast.  

We are also present in Angols, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Senegal, Mauritania, Belgium, South Korea, Philippines and Saudi Arabia.

The business model of FUTUREMEAL eases the growth of its clients in the international markets through the contribution of an exclusive Business Plan, adapted to the needs of each country.