MEMILK is a Spanish company whose objective is to provide high-quality dairy products which can be consumer by people of any age, in any place in the world, at any hour and in an easy, tasty and fun manner.

The MEMILK products, elaborated by FUTUREMEAL, naturally provide the benefits of the milk, a product vital for children, teenagers and adults due to its high content of energy, proteins, vitamins and calcium. Moreover, FUTUREMEAL products have been supplemented with some micronutrients, such as Vitamins A and D3, essential for the health, and which consumption is insufficient in most countries of the world.

The PRINCIPLES that guide our actions and the elaboration of our products are the following:

Calidad Memilk


Use of ingredients of the highest quality, homologated and certified by the health authorities from Spain and from the European Union.

Dairy Health

To always look for the best balance of nutrition and health of the citizens in any part of the world, adapting out products to their nutritional necessities. Each consumer in each part of the world can find a MEMILK product adapted to their tastes and necessities.

Stored at room temperature and long life

To create products that can be stored at room temperature, without the need of a cooling system for its conservation, products long-lasting WITHOUT PRESERVATIVES. In this way, they can be consumed even in areas with lack of cold chain, both in transport and in warehouses.


FUTUREMEAL has created a new production process which allows us to put in the market products with fresh flavours and creamy textures which facilitate the milk consumption, even between the most reluctant targets to its intake, like the children. FUTUREMEAL is the dairy company most innovative in the world.

Affordable price

To reach reasonable prices that allow the products to be consumed by as many people as possible in any place in the world, WITH THE GLOBAL OBJECTIVE OF IMPROVING THE HEALTH OF THE WHOLE POPULATION.


To achieve a saving in the materials and in the energetic use needed for the elaboration of the products, so we can all contribute to the sustainability of the environment, both in Spain and in the destination countries of the product. All the materials for the packaging are easily recyclable.