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INNOVATION is the main strategic approach which explains the creation of the company FUTUREMEAL in the year 2013. The innovation as a vehicle to provide anyone in any country in the world the benefits of the milk, and to facilitate, through a balanced diet, a full, healthy life.

In FUTUREMEAL we understand INNOVATION as a framework for action which governs the daily work in the company and which has enabled us to be a benchmark brand in countries such as China, India and several countries in Africa, in addition to Spain.

Innovation in the production process

FUTUREMEAL has invented a new process for the elaboration of long-lasting dairy products stored at room temperature. The MidHeating® process, patented by FUTUREMEAL, allows us to obtain fresher, creamier and tastier products with a milk treatment less aggressive than the rest of existing production processes in the market.

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Product innovation

FUTUREMEAL presents in the market products with unique nutritional and functional benefits. These products facilitate the consumption of micronutrients, essential for out health, and that are not usually consumed due to the rhythm of life and to the feeding habits of today’s society in all the countries.

Innovation in the business model

In FUTUREMEAL all our costs are variable. The flexibility of our business model allows us to set selling prices suitable for every product in order to make them accessible to all consumers so anyone can be benefited from their nutritional advantages. 

Organoleptic innovation

The products of the MEMILK brand, property of FUTUREMEAL, present a balance between the sweetness and the acidity which makes them singular in the market. The fruit flavours combine perfectly with the milk-based product, thus making MEMILK an everyday product which can be incorporated in the diet as a healthy snack or as a dessert, complementing perfectly any lunch or dinner.

Market innovation

All our products are long-lasting and can be stored at room temperature. These main characteristics enable its consumption at any place and at any time of the day, additionally facilitating its transportation, storage and preservation of the environment, as they do not need a high energy consumption for their conservation in freezing furniture.

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