MeMilk YOGURT Liquid 200 ml

General Description

MeMilk Yog is a YOGURT pasteurized after the fermentation process, which provides instant energy in order to feed the body and the soul due to its Carbohydrate content.

It is an acid product, both liquid and creamy, with a natural fresh milk flavour.

Its packaging consists of a 200ml Tetra Slim container, aimed to be consumed directly from the package through the straw it incorporates. This format is protected by an aluminium layer which gives the product total protection from the light and the oxidation, allowing it to remain undamaged during its first 18 months of its useful life.

It is a product that can be stored at room temperature, with an expiration date of 18 months since the date of packaging. Thus, this is an ideal product to be consumed in any place, at any temperature and by anyone who wants to consume the best yogurt.

As it is elaborated with the MidHeating® technology, property of FUTUREMEAL, this product is maintained in the perfect conditions for its consumption WITHOUT PRESERVATIVES.

Additional Information

MEMILK Yog is elaborated with fresh milk from Galicia, the best Spanish milk produced by the Frieshian cows, selected for the high-quality milk.

The farms producing the milk used in the elaboration of MEMILK Yog are recognized with the Animal Welfare conformity certificate. This certification assesses the different animal parameters: proper nutrition through a mixture of pastures and forage which guarantee the production of high-quality milk, accommodation with the maximum hygiene and cleanliness, healthy sanitary conditions and lack of stress of the cows.

MEMILK Yog is elaborated with semi-skimmed milk and provides the benefits of the milk in a natural way, becoming a healthy snack that can be carried to school, to work or to a trip, allowing to obtain instant energy to face all the daily moments.

The acid flavour of the formula of MEMILK Yog, combined with sugar elaborated in Spain, allows to obtain a pleasant taste and leaves a freshness in the palate, which makes it the perfect touch in every meal.

The controlled acidity of MEMILK Yog also facilitates the digestion of food and maintains the pH of the stomach after a large meal.

Flavors to enjoy


Ingredientes: Partial-skimmed milk (90,3%), sugar (7,9%), stabiliser (modified corn starch, guar gum, pectin) and lactic cultures (milk): Streptococcus thermophilus y Lacrobacillus delbrueckii ssp. bulgaricus.